Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Air Vice Marshall 'Johnnie' Johnson

Air Vice Marshall James Edgar 'Johnnie' Johnson was a highly successful fighter pilot during World War 2 and achieved a combat record of 34 victories. The highest score achieved by an Allied pilot.

As a controversial Group Captain with a known 'reputation' he commanded RAF Cottesmore during the Victor B1 Bomber era and was a qualified Victor pilot. Many tales (unrepeatable!) have been passed onto us by 'those that were there'...

In 1997 a special gathering of WW2 fighter aces from both sides was organised at Elvington and 'Johnnie' was amongst those invited to attend. I decided that it would be a good idea to let him see inside a Victor again and participate in a Taxy demonstration on the runway. He gratiously accepted the invitation.

Unfortunately on the the day the press were in attendance and he decided to leave early as everyone seemed to want a piece of him!

As an apology for letting us down he sent the following letter to myself;

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