Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Just when things seemed to be going well...

On Sunday's advertised 'Thunder Day' the Rolls Royce Artouste APU jet engine decided to have a really bad day and burned out its starter motor.

As the spare unit was 25 miles away then the day could not be redeemed and we removed the offending item at the end of the day. Bits of molten copper dropping out of it convinced me it was time to send it to the repair shop!

I've since fitted the replacement 'as new' motor and the 125 AMP control fuse that also blew. The motor has to endure very high speeds and from time to time they do fail.

Starter motor removed
                                                              Starter motor replaced
                                                               OX38 Turbine Oil
                                                            Engine re-oil connection
 Panel GBZ, The starter fuse is the left hand fuse. The other 3 are for the AC power generation from APU's 200Volt Generator