Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Meet 'Fred' the Kiwi

I'm delighted to introduce the newest member of the team Fred. 

Fred travelled to the UK with a group of fellow kiwi's from New Zealand last week, for a tour of Bomber County. This was the second visit to Lindy by the group in two years, Fred enjoyed his visit so much he has decided to stay on! 

Some of the group remembered the Vulcan accident at Ohaka, when the visiting Vulcan B1, clipped the edge of the runway threshold, damaging the undercarriage leg, resulting in a long stay for repairs. Worse still, the crew blew off the canopy, so more headaches for the riggers and armourers! 

A special thank you needs to go to the group who's support has provided a quantity of ACF50 for Lindy's continued conservation. 

Thanks guys, we look forward to seeing you next time.