Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pre-Taxy Prep for Aug 25th

XL231 is now prepared for the intended run on the 25th. However it was not without its 'trauma'. This morning during inspection and cleaning of the Stb'd bogie it was discovered that the Stb'd front outer wheel had a 13mm large head diameter bolt embedded in it sideways!
Bolt embedded in tyre
This naturally wasn't good news as spare tyre availability is now becoming critical anyway, especially on an aircraft with 16 mainwheel tyres! I suggested we deflate the tyre and inspect the damage for depth. This proved to be too deep to be acceptable as at least half of the 17ply layers were seemingly cut. We considered the tyre a 'write-off'. If the tyre had blown it would likely have taken its neighbour with it and damaged the brake piping and equipment in the wheel bay  That means following the last taxy run we have lost 2 tyres to damage and a 3rd written off to a deep cut apparently during towing out on the degrading perimeter track between the museum and the runway.

Therefore we have had to dismantle and rebuild a spare wheel with 2 replacement tyres in record time today in order to be ready for next week.
Engine run

Re-oiling engines with OX38 turbine oil

That aside, a full engine run and systems tests were carried out a week last Sunday and all went very well.
Subject to weather & serviceability we will be running after the Spitfire flypast at 14.30PM on Monday 25th August. Prior to this the Buccaneer and Nimrod will all be carrying out high speed taxy Demo's on the runway. Normal admission prices apply for the Museum but, for a further £10 there is access to a special close up area on Elvington Airfield. Revenue raised from this goes into fuel costs for the operating jets.

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