Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fast Taxy - view from the cockpit

Victor XL231 'Lusty Lindy' during a fast (and wet) runway demonstration. Hence the very noisy windscreen wipers!  They are hydraulically driven individually by their own pumps and motors.

Flt Lt Ollie Suckling was in the Left hand seat and Andre Tempest in the Right.  The AEO was of course Sqn Ldr Alan Stephenson.

6th seat and filming was Kay 'red' Bennett, Nav plotter seat was Belgian Avionics student Katleen Verhoeven and the Nav Radar seat was 'gleefully' occupied by new team member Tom Winter ex-55 Sqn INSTIE tech on Victor K2's specialising in the Autopilot, MFS (Flight Instruments) and the rear viewing periscope.

All engines were run at the JPT setting of 'Takeoff' for the high speed run. Due to weather constraints the tail braking parachute was not deployed and the display safety speed was agreed at 80 knots beforehand.

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