Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Fuel Flow Indications

On the second to last last taxy run I noted that the fuel flow meter indications were not quite correct and that 3 out of the 4 engines were showing incorrect values. For the last taxy run in November I changed the main amplifier unit which is located in the main electrical compartment, known as the 'plenum chamber'. Changing the amplifier made no difference to the fault conditions and we deduced the problem to be in the cockpit area instead. Each engine has its own 'windmill' type flow-rate transmitter and we deduced that it was highly unlikely that 3 out of 4 engines had faulty transmitters!

As we have now sourced a fuel flow meter and a fuel density manual corrector I decide to remove the offending panel for overhaul and to replace the two suspect items on the left of the picture.  This was easier said than done as I reckon it was last disturbed during the K2 tanker programme back in the mid-1970's. The 4 selector flow-meter is probably okay and this will have its components checked out to become a spare unit as there was no sign of damp ingress, the density corrector however is not sealed and I found it has corrosion inside, so its probably that which is causing the problems.

Much cursing and a couple of hours passed before the panel was out but it was worth the effort as the ravages of time had lifted quite a bit of the grey paint and the original B2 'Bomber Black' was showing through quite a lot. I had been waiting for the reason to remove this panel for a while and last weekend was the day!

Anyway the refurbished panel is her to see, less the two replacement parts. The fuel meter that is now fitted back checks out fine as does the magnetic indicator, both of these items are original to the panel. 

All things being equal it should be back in this coming weekend.

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