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XL231 'Lusty Lindy' 20th Anniversary Display and tribute to the late Gerry Tempest

XL231 arriving November 1993
As a celebration of XL231 flying into Elvington on the 25th November 1993, it has been decided to celebrate this historic milestone with a high-speed taxy/aborted takeoff demonstration using the tail braking parachute on Monday the 25th November, the actual date of the anniversary.

Weather conditions will determine the nature of the display on the day but the intention is for the aircraft to be started around 13.30 at the Eastern end of the airfield with a slow taxy demonstation down the runway. This will enable operations of the airbrakes, flaps and Hose Drum Unit (HDU) etc to be demonstrated for the visitors. Once at the Western end of the runway the aircrat will be turned and lined up for a high-speed run up to around 120knots (weather dependant) and crosswind limits permitting, the 80ft diameter brake parachute will be streamed.

The high-speed demo is scheduled to happen at 14.20 the exact time XL231 touched down at Elvington and will be in the same direction as the landing.

The brake chute will be carried as far as possible up the runway for photographic purposes and will only be dropped as XL231 turns into the dispersal. Once in dispersal the 'after landing and shut down checks' will be carried out and the aircraft made safe.

Once the Crew Chief is satisfied the aircraft is safely parked, the aircraft will be made available for visitors, including a rare opportunity to visit the flightdeck. Donations at this point will be gratefully received.

The crew will be available to talk about the aircraft during this period.

The delivery crew on the 25th November 1993 were;
Sqn Ldr Steve Jenkins, Captain (Officer Commanding Victor Disposal Flight)
Flt Lt Tim Butler, right hand seat
Sqn Ldr Pete Lambert, AEO
Sqn Ldr Bill Scragg, NAV
Chief Tech Paul Covell, Crew Chief
The delivery crew

It is hoped some of the original crew will be present for the 20th Anniversary, one member has already confirmed his intention to attend. Contact details have been found for all of the flightcrew. However the Crew Chief is proving elusive, any details of the whereabouts of Paul Covell would be appreciated!

We all remember where we 'were' at historic milestones in our lives. Can you remember where you were on the 25th November 1993??
XL231 strutting her stuff 2010

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