Sunday, 27 October 2013

Victor seat leg supports

V Bomber rear crew seats are notoriously 'knocked around' and well used. So, it was decided to refurbish the leg supports from two of the rear crew seats which, were showing their ages. These supports fit on the front of each seat and basically sit under the knee area. The height is adjustable to the seat occupants own personal comfort.

The supports from the 6th seat (Crew Chief) and the Nav Radar were removed earlier in the week and refurbished by myself using replacement vinyl. As can be seen there are a large amount of pop type rivets holding the covers in place and all of these had to be removed first.

I decided to use black vinyl as I have previously refurbished the AEO's seat support in the same material and being a tight fisted Yorkshireman I have a roll of nice black vinyl from my Motor Trade days...

The colour is Ford Highland Green, which is closer to the original manufacturers colour, which I found when I rubbed back  several layers of  paintwork 

Anyway they will now hopefully last for a good many years to come and they were the scuffiest parts in XL231's otherwise immaculate cockpit.

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