Sunday, 19 May 2013

The #TwitterVForce revolution

@victorXL231 first joined Twitter around three years ago. In an age where people share their every waking moment on social media we thought we better join the 21st century.

With scepticism and little idea of how Twitter worked we took the plunge and who would have guessed that we would have ended up here; with over 2300 followers, some great 'Twitter' friends which have turned into many 'real' friends and our own #TwitterVForce revolution.

Through the magic of Twitter, below are just a few of the fantastic people we've had the pleasure of "meeting" some of them in person and some of them virtually!  

@alexbirtwisle the nephew of Wing Commander Barry Neal, who played a substantive role during the Falklands Black Buck Raids and who has taxyed Lindy on many occasions. Read his story here!

@Reay75 who first met XL231 over 50 years ago whilst serving with the RAF at Wittering. We have since been able to reacquaint Ray with the aircraft he learnt his trade on. Read Ray's story here  

@JamesBlatch who's father John R Blatch was a Victor Test Pilot. James very kindly shared his father's story HERE

@FlyingPodcast who introduced me to the world of podcasts - another new experience! My first podcast!

@Scoutbloke who photographed the disbandment of the Victor Fleet at Marham.

Victor Disbandment photo by Steve Cockayne (@Scoutbloke)

The Twitter revolution continues with the formation of #TwitterVForce to promote & raise awareness of the V-Force preservation projects, of both the Avro Vulcan & Handley Page Victor.

Vulcan XH558 (@XH558)

Vulcan XM655 (@XM655)

Vulcan XL426 (@XL426) 

Victor XL231 (@VictorXL231)

iRod Holmes (@ROD558)

XM655MaPS (@XM655MaPS)

Thanks to a huge amount of effort by Rod and Dave we now have a #TwitterVForce blog and forum make sure you sign up add them to your favourites!

If you haven't already signed up to Twitter I hope this blog may have motivated you to check it out and find some of the fantastic Tweeters I haven't named in this post (you know who you are!)

And just to prove how the Twitter V-Force revolution is continuing to grow, whilst writing this piece I've been followed and tweeted by @42BTYRA who's father served as ground crew on Victors!

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