Saturday, 2 January 2016

Auxiliary Power Unit fuel valve

Artouste Auxiliary Power Unit fuel solenoid valve

After numerous unexpected shutdowns of the APU over recent years it was deduced that the valve which controls the fuel supply for starting and running the APU was sticking. Several attempts at repairing the valve have met with limited success so I decided to look at replacing the valve as a 'New Years Resolution!'.  Obviously, with 1960's era equipment its difficult to locate a replacement so, I decided to go for a modern equivalent. A commercially available valve used in domestic fuel oil heating systems! In fact some fuel oil is reclaimed jet fuel.  A couple of replacement adaptors were required because the original valve had male threaded adaptors and the new valve had female threads and this required a bit of homework. Anyway the end result is ready to fit back in for testing and wirelocking in place.

New valve fitted and the old valve shown for comparison

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