Thursday, 10 September 2015

More parts for Lindy!

This weeks visit to see Mr J Birkett of Birketts Radio & Surplus in Lincoln yielded a good 'haul' of Victor K2 compatible parts. Essential to help keep XL231 in fully working order and it comprised of the following; 
3x TACAN Transmitter/ Receivers (the large square boxes)
3x MV electrical Frequency meters for the AEO panel
2x Main engine jet pipe temperature indicators 
1x Main engine oil pressure indicator
1x Fuel gauge amplifier
1x Altimeter Pressure Error Corrector Unit

Some of the above items are not essential as XL231 is not flying but as an 'Historical Object' We prefer as much as possible to be kept in fully working order and XL231 is the ONLY totally complete example of her breed left.

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