Monday, 24 August 2015

Sqn Ldr Noel 'Red' Dunningham

On Sunday an old friend made a return visit to see XL231. An aircraft he flew many times as part of Britain's Nuclear Deterrent.
'Red' Dunningham was Victor B2 QFI, 'Blue Steel' qualified and had  a very long and illustrious career in the RAF.
He started flying Harvards in South Africa before flying Spitfires and Hurricane's operationally. He then went onto the Meteor and Vampire Jet Fighters before commanding a Canberra Squadron.
He was personally selected for the V Force and Victor B2's by Air Chief Marshall Sir Augustus (Gus) Walker to be a Victor B2 pilot and he never regretted a minute of it!
I was lucky to able to take 'Red' on taxy run in XL231 a number of years ago and he was able to ride in the Co-pilot's seat.
'Red' is aged 93 now but, very much with it and apart from being a bit 'shaky' in the legs is bright as a button. The legs he puts down to running too many London Marathons!
He assures he will be back for further visits and we hope that he definitely is!

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