Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fuel Vent System

One system that is very important is the venting system of the wings and fuselage fuel tanks. As fuel is used during engine running or during refuelling a tank, naturally the empty space has to be filled or purged with air. Hence the fuel venting system. Without this system a fuel tank could in a worse case scenario implode.

I noticed that the fuselage vent gauge was stuck and removed the transmitter which supplies the gauge with its reading, I also removed the gauge to assess and  'match' the two units after bench testing. I found the internal moving coil to be stuck in the transmitter and as there are no spares available I had no choice but to free it off with lubrication.  I then ran the gauge up and down full scale in order to to test the system out.

Normal operating pressure is 2.5psi - 4.5 psi. The system is 'red lined' at 5 psi for safety purposes and 8 psi is the absolute maximum pressure. The most we achieve at ground level is around 2.5psi.

Pictured, the gauge, transmitter and a spare cockpit vent panel

It was all re-fitted back in today and showing the correct reading with electrical power on and fuel pressure without engines running.

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