Saturday, 8 November 2014

Spare parts donations

A colleague on the Victor Team (Corporal Andy King) obtained these from a fellow armourer who had removed them from Gulf War veteran XL164 'Saucy Sal' after she had been retired for crash rescue duties to RAF Brize Norton and they have now been donated to XL231 by him.

Top; Mk17F Oxygen regulator, Below Main Voltage Frequency Meters (400Hz), MV Voltmeter (200v AC) and Jet Pipe Temperature for the Rolls Royce Jet Engine (APU) Auxiliary Power Unit.
Spare parts are vital for the long term well being of XL231 as she is far from being a 'dusty museum exhibit'.

XL164 survives as a cockpit section only which is a great shame as she was the lowest houred Victor K2 on 55 Squadron.

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