Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ADF (Automatic Direction Finding) system

Following help with difficult to find spare parts from 'Vulcan to the Sky', it was decided to service the ADF system (Automatic Direction Finding)  in XL231 and bring it back into a fully serviceable spec. The system did work and receive but the ADF motorised loop would not track onto a bearing and we had a blown power transformer box for some unknown reason. It had blown the 7 amp control fuse and for avionics on a Victor that is quite a hefty fuse. Most are between 1 and 5 amp. The really heavy load equipment tends to be 10 amps and higher.
Rick ( Avionics - read his story HERE) removed the ADF receiver and some of the control boxes and Steve Hancock removed the ADF motorised loop and re-fitted another unit. NO mean feat as it is in the spine of the aircraft under a removable dome which, we daren't remove as we don't have a spare. So, it was decided to go 'the hard way' and tackle it from below. This means climbing over the Bombay tanks and getting up into the roof of the Bombay, on a clammy and sticky day not enjoyable!  It took Steve about an hour but, he managed it.

Receiver, Loop Aerial & ADF Indicator as removed
ADF Loop Aerial
ADF Loop Aerial
Rick, fitted a replacement receiver unit and a replacement transformer box and 'Bingo' it worked fine with full, Auto DF and manual tuning working well.

ADF Bearing Indicator

ADF 4 Channel Tuning Unit

Listening to the channels on the old AM network reminded me of being a kid, as its a very similar effect to how you used to walk around the room trying to pick up something audible! Its just the same effect with the DF loop as it comes round onto a bearing.  Great to have it working properly again!

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