Monday, 11 March 2013

AEO Systems trainer

AEO Procedures Trainer prior to restoration
My latest restoration project is the ex-RAF Marham AEO systems trainer/simulator for the Victor K2. The trainer was donated by RAF Brize Norton in 1994 for use with XL231 but has been in storage for many years.

The Victor AEO's duties are very labour intensive regarding setting up and monitoring the electrical systems and hydraulic systems of the aircraft. The main AC electrical system is synchronised and paralled manually rather than automatically as on some later large aircraft. Post 1985 the AEO also had to handle the Air- to -Air refuelling equipment for receiver aircraft as well as radio communications on both VHF and UHF, as well as HF. As you can see he was a very busy man!

The health of the aircraft apart from the main engine instrumentation was monitored by the AEO and therefore 'synthetic training' was a very necessary part of Victor K2 operations.

All Victor AEO's learnt their 'trade' on this item of equipment and any combination of faults could be simulated as well as currency checking.

In the days of the V Force the AEO also had to handle all forms of ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) in order to jam enemy detection equipment and also the electronic defence of the aircraft. The duties of the AEO were always very specialist and very highly trained.

In order to complete the renovation the following equipment is being sort;

Morse key; Vulcan/Victor
RWR screen (used in a number of RAF aircraft for the ARI 18228 system)
RWR control panel (ARI 18228)
Tacan Indicator (pos. same as Buccaneer?)
1 x Mk20b fuel pod control panel (we have one)
1x angle poise lamp Victor type

John in the AEO's position of XL231

Please drop us a line if you can help out with any of the items and help bring this rare artefact back up to prime condition and you never know you may even see it at a cockpit event near you!

Me at the AEO position in XL231

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