Monday, 7 January 2013

2013 Appeal - Funds4Fuel

We are looking to perform a high speed taxi run but in order for 'Lindy' to achieve this we need fuel for her tanks.

2013 will be a land mark year, after owning Victor XL231 for 20 years, her owner, Andre Tempest & her devoted volunteer crew are very proud to say that she is more serviceable than ever.

To mark this significant occasion we would like to display XL231 in all her glory with a high speed taxi run! Unfortunately aviation fuel is expensive so we are seeking sponsorship and donations to help cover the associated costs of this taxi run display.

Any donations would be very gratefully received so please

We are hoping to raise £5,000 which would go a significant way towards covering the costs of a high speed run.

Lusty Lindy has the capability to carry 41,000kg of fuel!
 Keep an eye on the blog or follow us on twitter @victorxl231 for details of the run as they become available.
Thank you

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