Tuesday, 6 November 2012

'Never Again' part 7

So with the sanding finished - I'm sure you heard the cheers wherever you are - painting and fine detail are the priorities.

We are racing against time and weather but I am please to announce the end is in sight, 1 more good day should see all the hemp and detailing finished - hurrah!

Focus turned to the nose - a real visual impact I hope you will agree. After painting the refueling probe last weekend we had to leave the red blank off to allow the paint time to go off, I returned the following day to carry on with the repaint to find that a 'Vulture' had decided to make the most of the 'unarmed' probe and %$£@ down the front of Lindy's nose - not amused! So after re-defending and cleaning the old gal up work could commence once more

Work continues............

What an improvement!
 With the starboard side of the nose finished, I turned the rollers to the port side -  XL231 really is looking better than ever even if she was without her name sake 'Lusty Lindy'.

XL231 without 'Lusty Lindy' nose art

It really is strange seeing her without her famous nose art, having carried it for almost 20 years it really is an important part of her history

But dont worry she had her identity back shortly......... To preserve her iconic nose art Ian had spent a long time masking 'Lusty Lindy' up. This enable us to get a really good finish on the hemp but preserve the original nose art.
XL231 'Lusty Lindy' masked up ready for painting
XL231 'Naked'!

'Lusty Lindy' 'Unveiled' following the repaint

I hope you will all agree that 'Lusty Lindy' really is looking her best and despite me saying 'Never Again......' after the last repaint the hard work really has been worth it.

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