Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"Never Again" part 4

Work continues on the starboard wing
Thankfully over the last couple of weeks the weather has been relatively kind to us and we have been able to crack on with the starboard wing.

Rich demonstrating his expert sanding abilities!

The morale building homemade rocky road and flap jack really has kept us going - it doesn't take much to keep us happy!

 So with all that sanding, sanding and more sanding, how do we get rid of all the dust?

Largest umbrella in North Yorkshire!

This is where the good old British summer has actually come in useful. The monsoon weather washes most of the dust away - at times turning the ground hemp.

Vacuuming a V-Bomber!

For those hard to reach areas like dzus fasteners and panel lines the Miele 'Cat & Dog' vacuum is put to the test - do you think we can persuade Miele to launch a 'V-Bomber' vacuum, must be a market there????

Its not often you see a Hawk pilot in this position! When not supporting the Hawk display team Ollie has been lending us a hand with, yes you guessed it, the sanding!

With a bank holiday looming we are expecting to be rained off this weekend. When painting a V-Bomber you do become obsessed with the weather. If the weather is kind we should see the starboard wing finished then on to the fuselage and the lady herself 'Lusty Lindy'.

Follow the progress of the repaint here Never Again part 5


  1. Hi Guys, I've been following your photostory at the airshows.co.uk forum and congratulate you on the mammoth progress you've made on a staggeringly huge task since July.

    As a modeller, the airframe details shown to us in close up are a revelation as most photos of large aircraft tend to be taken from a distance.

    One of things that puzzle me are what appear to be 'hinge barrels' standing proud of the surface along the leading edge, between the main engine intakes and the outer wing nose flap. Strange that a piano type hinge wasn't used in such a critical area - or the feature may be something else entirely and I'm completely mistaken!

    I'd been hoping they would appear in the latest photos posted, but your speed of progress and race with the weather seems to have precluded that.

    Please don't skimp on the photos - especially when it comes to the underside reinforcement plates and strap details as it's unlikely that such a comprehensive collection of airframe details will again be made available to those of us with little chance of seeing a Victor 'in the flesh'.

    Best wishes and thanks for your sustained efforts in keeping Lindy presentable for future generations.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback and support. Once the repaint is finished and we can finally put the sanders down, we are hoping to do a series of close up shots/info especially for modellers. There are several panels which are specific to XL231 which most people will not have seen or noticed - watch this space!

      Please email victorxl231@mail.com if you have any specific areas you would like us to cover in detail.